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The Dementos at the Luna Lounge - Children In Need Fundraiser Nov 2013

The Dementos, then known as 'Mucus Features', at The Children In Need fundraiser at the Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, Saturday 23rd November 2013. Songs are 'My Balls Are On Fire', 'Topless Grannies', 'Phone Home' and 'I've Seen Pubic Hair'. All parody lyrics and original songs are by The Dementos. 'I've Seen Pubic Hair' is MacLean and MacLean's parody of 'I've Been Everywhere'.

Currently guest appearing at 'The Old Hall Tavern', London E4 ; 'The Basement@St Cedd's Church, Goodmayes;
'The Wild Card Brewery', London E17; 'The Woodbine', Waltham Abbey


An original song by The Dementos. Following all of the parliamentary expenses scandals, our MP’s have been forced to renegotiate the costs of goods and services they wish to buy. This is the story of an MP who has to negotiate the price of 'personal' services from a supplier in Soho. Naughty lyrics. Some young children briefly entered the room and that’s why we stopped until they left. The Wild Card Brewery, E17. August 3rd, 2018.   The Dementos' version of the 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' parody credited to Sean Morey. Original by Stan Jones. The Wild Card Brewery, E17. August 3rd, 2018.
The Dementos' version of Ogden Edsel's classic. The Wild Card Brewery, E17. August 3rd, 2018.   The Dementos played at St Cedd's Church Open Mic, Goodmayes, Essex on Jan 26th 2018. Gerry Butcher, the organiser, was petrified we'd be using the 'Blue Songbook' in this holy establishment. Note Richard's taped up mouth! We did 'I Can't Stand Spiders', from the 'White Songbook' and 'Constipation Blues' (a 'Runaround Sue' parody), and 'Ugly' from the 'Black Songbook'. Not rude, just of dubious taste. We survived - and so did Gerry ( Open Mic Night @ The Basement).


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Mucus Features at The Glee 17 Comedy Club (May 2011)

10th Anniversary Spice Gits single still available (unsurprisingly)

Available soon these other great hits:
'Phone Home' * '(Waiter, I'll Have) Minestrone'  *  'I've Seen Pubic Hair'  *  'Ugly'

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