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Note - Adult content


"An MP Went In To Soho"

MP's having problems with expenses claims and suppliers having to renegotiate the prices for their services. A tale of an MP meeting a 'lady of the night' in Soho. An original from Brian and Richard at the Walthamstow Cricket Club, London, E17. September 3rd , 2011.


"Transvestite Blues" (2010 version)
("Summertime Blues" parody)

"I've Seen Pubic Hair"
Complete version of the MacLean & MacLean favourite performed by Richard and Brian at the Plough Inn, Walthamstow, E17 in August 2010

Mucus Features at The Glee 17 Comedy Club (May 2011)
Featured songs: "My Balls Are On Fire", "Transvestite Blues", " I Can't Stand Spiders"



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